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French Baguette Italian Ciabatta Italian Focaccia French Croissants French Almond croissants French Chocolate croissants Ham and cheese croissants Cheese Danish Raisin Danish Pasties Italian Napoleon Italian Cannoli Almond basket Apple tart Palmere Cookies Chocolate chip French macaroon Sandy pecan French crepes Croque Monsier French Brioche Spinach French Quiche Lorraine Ham and cheese German Strudel with Cherry and Apple Fruit basket German Farmers Bread Pretzels German rolls Ancient Grein Bread Flat Bread Canapés German crust bread Italian twist bread sandwiches egg bacon salad cheese ham French pain au chocolat European sweets Austrian Florentiner German Cheese cake German Black Forest cakes Italian tiramisu German strawberry buttermilk cake German plum butter crumble cake Danish pastry apricot turnover donut French petits fours  European tartelettes French Normande German Berliner European Waffles with softice and whipped cream French Crepes Cookies Beignets Churros Oreillettes Bugnes Donuts Sfenj Eclairs Siedegebäck German Pastries Italian Sfogliatelle French Tartes German Cinnemon roll French Brioche with jam and whipped cream French Toast syrup jam whipped French Scrambled Egg Bun butter German Fried Egg with bacon, bun + butter $8.49  German bread slide with ham fried egg $8.99  Alsatian tarte flambée original alsaca specialty $7.99 Italian Focaccia Prosciutto fried egg $9.49 Italia Bruschetta different variables $7.49 French Croissant *warm ham cheddar cheese $8.49 French  Crêpes banana sauce whipped cream $9.99 French  Crêpes nutella strawberry whipped cream $8.99 French Crêpes french style sweet and savory Waffles french style sweet and savory Baked Goods Daily fresh +Ketchup $0,40 / +Maionaise $0,40 / +Butter $0,60 / +Bechamel sauce $0,60 / +Remoulade $0,60 / +Jam $1,00 / +Jelly $1,00 / +Honey $1,00 / +Syrup $1,00 / +Whipped cream $0,80 / +Nutella $1,50 / +Peanut butter $1,50 / +Ham $2,00 / + Prosciutto ham $2,50 -/ +Swizz cheese $2,50 /+Cheddar cheese $1,50 / +Sliced brie cheese $1,50 / +Smoked salmon $3,00 / +Sliced Egg $1,00 / +Banana $1,00 / +Fresh fruits $1,00 / +Fresh vegatables $1,00 / +Softice $1.80 bol, French baguette *cold avocado vegetables $8.49 Italian ciabatta *warm tuna egg vegetables remoulade $8.99 French  Crêpes ham turkey cheese $9.99 French Waffle blueberry honey syrup $6.99 French Waffle salmon ruccula remoulade $8.99 Coffee Lavazza Cafe you can order baked goods for every dish as you like German Pretzels with salt on top. $2.49 German Rolls wery cross and fluffy. $2.29 German Farmers Bread typical german specialy. $6.99 French Croissant tyical french specialty $3.25 French Croissant tyical french specialty $2.75 French Baguette daily fresh $3.69 Italian Focaccia typical italian rolls $1.75  Italian Ciabatte rolls typical Italy $1.75 Italian Bread rustika with olive oil. European Pastries German Pastries different varieties $3.25 German current bun with raisins $3.25 German Cinnemon roll wery soft and sugery $2.99 French Macarones different varieties cream $0.99 French Puffys whipped strawberry cream $2.99 French Tartes different varieties $2.99 Italian Canolli with saft cream inside $3.99 Italian Cannoncini vanilla cream inside $3.99 Italian Sfogliatelle puff pastry, ricotta ciside $3.19 Fresh Cooking, out of our kitchen French Brioche with jam + whipped cream $8.99 French Toast syrup, jam, whipped $6.99 French Scrambled Egg natural. Bun + butter $6.99  German Fried Egg with bacon, bun + butter $8.49 German bread slide with ham + fried egg $8.99 French Fried Eggs Salmon, dill,remoulade $9.99 Italian Hawaii Toast ham, pineapple, cheddar $9.99 Italian Scrambled Eggs with ham $7.99 Alsatian tarte flambé original alsaca specialty $7.99 Sandwiches cold / warm German Roll *cold with ham, cheese, salad $8.49 German Farmers *cold black forest ham, ruccola $8.49 French baguette *cold avocado, vegetables, sauce $8.49 Italian ciabatta *warm tuna, egg, veg.,  remoulade $8.99 Italian Focaccia *warm Prosciutto, fried egg $9.49 Italia Bruschetta *warm different variables $7.49 French Croissant *cold with brie chesse + figs $8.49 French croissant *cold with ham, egg, salad, sauce $8.49 French Croissant *warm ham, cheddar cheese. Crepes Crêpes french style sweet / savory French  Crêpes jelly or nutella $7.49 French  Crêpes peach carameld peach, w. cream $8.99 French  Crêpes  ham/turkey, cheese $9.99 French  Crêpes chicken grilled,cheese,mixed greens $9.99 French  Crêpes nutella strawberry, whipped cream $8.99 French  Crêpes nutella typical french style $7.49 French  Crêpes salmon cream cheese,onion,capers $10.49 French  Crêpes omelette 2 eggs, (choice of Meat) $9.99 French  Crêpes romanoff strawberry, goat, honey, cream $9.99 French  Crêpes banana sauce, whipped cream $9.99 French  Crêpes prosciutto swizz cheese, mixed greens $10.49 French  Crêpes chicken-  salad, Waffles french style sweet & savory German Waffles cherrys, powder sugar $6.99 German Waffle banana + vanilla ice $8.99 Italian Waffle avocado, fried egg $7.99 German Waffle Strawberrys $6.99 German Waffle maple, whipped cream $6.99 French Waffle croque monsieur $6.99 French Waffle salmon ruccula remoulade $8.99 French  Waffle strawberry + vanilla ice $7.49 French Waffle blueberry, honey, syrup $6.99 Quiche Lorraine French Quiche lorraine puff pastry, ham, cheese $8.99 French Quiche lorraine puff, goat cheese, spinach $8.99 French Quiche lorraine salmon. *N New Offers! " comming soon" French Brie baked cranberries, toast, butter $8.99 Austria Kaiserschmarn broken pancake, raisins $8.99     German Germknoedel poppy seed, vanilla sauce $8.99  Austrian Strudel if you whant a other side dishes.! no problem. we can fix it for you!Vienna Applestrudel raisins, vanilla sauce $7.99 Vienna Applestrudel raisins, vanilla ice $8.49 Vienna Quarkstrudel jam, jelly $6.99  Vienna Cherrystrudel Salads sliced egg $1,00 /  avocado $1,00 / grilled chicken $2,00 House salad mixed salad, vinaigrette $5.95 Italian Tuna salad greens, tuna, egg, lemon $9.95 Mon Paris salad greens, pecans, peaches $9.95 French Salmon salad greens, salmon, dill $9.95 Corsica salad greens, chicken, almonds $10.49 Greek Salad greens, goat Cakes German Carrot Cake 10" come to us to taste it $29.95 / $3.99pc.  Italian Tiramisu Cake $29.95 / $3.99pc. German Carrot Cake $29.95 / $3.99pc.  American Pecan Cheese Cake 10" come to taste it. $29.95 / $3.99pc. German Marzipan Cake $29.95 / $3.99pc. Italian Strawberry Cake pannacotta whipped cake $29.95 / $3.99pc. Spanish Banana Cake 9" chocolate, $24.95 / $3.49pc. German Cheese Cake $24.95 / $3.49pc.  Austrian Sacher Cake 10" $29.95 / $3.99pc. Spanish Tres Leche Cake 10" $29.95 / $3.99pc. French Strawberry Cake 10" $29.95 / $3.99pc. American Oreo Cake 10" $29.95 / $3.99pc. German Black Forest Cake $29.95 / $3.99pc. German Hazelnut Cake $29.95 / $3.99pc. German Donauwelle $24.99 / $3.49pc. German Pllum Cake $24.95 / $3.49pc. French Mousse Cake 10" $29.95 / $3.99pc. Hawaiian Fresh Cake 10" $29.95 / $3.99pc. German Cheese Cake 10" $29.95 / $3.99pc. Italian Stracciatella cherry cake. 10"49 oz. $29.95 / $3.99pc.  Spanish Tangerne Cake $29.95 / $3.99pc. French Strawberry Cake 9" $24.95 / $3.49pc.  soon! German Currants Cake come to taste! $29.95 / $3.99pc. German Strawberry Cake Beverages Regular or Decaf $2.70 ot Chocolate (Dark or White) $4.20 Espresso $3.20 Double Espresso.$4.20 Cafe Americano $3.50 Cafe Latte $4.20 Cappuccino $4.20 Cafe Mocha $4.50 Cafe au Lait $3.49 LatteMacchiato $4.20 Red Eye $4.20 Breve $4.20 Con Panna $4.20 Affogato $4.99 ChaiLatte $3.99 Iced Coffee $3.49 Iced Latte $4.20 Iced Americano $3.30 Iced Mocha Bianco $4.50 Iced Mocha $4.50 Cold Milk $2.99 Iced Coffee, Vanilla Ice, whipped $6.49 Hot Tea $3.00 Sweet Tea $3.25 Unsweetened Tea $3.25 Arnold Palmer $3.00 Raspberry Tea $3.00 Green Tea $3.00 Hibiscus Iced Tea $3.00 large selection of tea bags!! comming soon Milkshakes $4.99 Softice $1.80 Flavors: Hazelnut, Vanilla, Almond, Caramel, Amaretto, Seasanol Flavors Available, Almond Milk $0.80, Whipped cream $1.00, Ice Ball $1.80 Softdrinks Coca Cola $3.49 Fanta$3.49 Sprite $3.49 Sparkling Water $2.49 Breakfast Lunch Brunch in Fort Myers und Cape Coral Florida dessert desserts

Mon Paris Hours of operation


8:00 a.m - 2:30 p.m

Fort Myers french bakery and coffee shop

Mon Paris is a family owned and operated French and european bakery and coffee shop. Every morning our coffee from Lavazza or Dallmayr is a must need and our pastries are  freshly baked daily!Come on by and give us a try! Check out our hours, hope to see you soon!

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